[Repost] “Hip/Hop Culture: The Graffiti ”

Brilliantly written!

Popular Culture

By: Ramy

People with money can put up signs; government and big corporations’ sponsors are found all over the country.  What about the working class and the urban youth who have no way to express what they are thinking about?  Urban youth want to freely express themselves and show their opinions to public.  Graffiti was the mean trough which urban youth could break the hegemony of the corporations and government over the messages that could be showed to public; Corporations have the domain over messages that are delivered to public, and government implies self-censorship on every message that is being published.

What is a street art? What is it used for? Street art is the kid of art that is taking place in the streets; like writing on walls and drawing in urban areas.  A majority of people formed that false ideology about graffiti; they tend to associate graffiti with…

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